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Demo Reels

Distinguish your portfolio from others and showcase your best work with a well-constructed demo reel.

Demo Reel SFL ProductionsIt’s more than just getting your Demo Reel into the hands of a potential employer; it’s about looking good, because if you really look good you are going to get attention . . . and it‘s about being memorable, because being memorable is going to get you that coveted second callback and then BOOM, you have their attention.
. . . and you can expect the latest video editing techniques, which ensure your Demo Reel not only looks good, but plays back perfectly smooth.
Check out some of the Demo Reels we have produced in our portfolio and contact us to learn more about how we can support your communication needs.


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  • “When my agent suggested that I update my demo reel, my acting coach suggested using South Florida Productions. Now I know how she lands all of her great acting jobs!”
    Dina - South Beach